Care Guide

How do I clean my top hat?

Any dust on an antique or modern top hat can removed by lightly brushing it with a pure bristle brush; when dusting an antique silk top hat it’s important to brush in the direction of the nap to keep it smooth. You can treat it with steam if needed or bring it into the shop to have it cleaned.

How do I polish my antique silk top hat?

Antique silk top hats were designed to be buffed and this will need to be carried out from time to time to keep their polished appearance. Using a velvet pad, sweep over the surface in the direction of the nap a few times until the hat’s deep, glossy shine is reinstated.

How should I dry my top hat?

If you need to dry your top hat, for example because you were caught in the rain, it’s important you let the hat dry in a naturally warm and airy environment - never over direct heat such as a radiator which could distort the shape of the hat.

How should I care for my hat when I'm out and about?

When wearing an antique top hat, special care should always be taken when setting it down on a flat surface. Always set the hat down upright, with the brim of the hat on the table. This maintains the condition of the crown, which is vulnerable to damage, and once worn can never be repaired, only blackened to minimise the effect of the damage.

How should I store my top hat?

Keep your top hat in a box, away from moths, and cover the whole hat in silk to protect it. Oliver Brown stock a range of leather top hat buckets, both new and antique, and Oliver Brown top hat boxes made of cardboard, which protect your top hat during storage and travel. The hat should fit comfortably in the bucket or box so it doesn’t move around too much during transportation, but must also be tall enough so the edges of the hat do not rub and cause wear to the crown.

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Top Hat Refurbishment

You may want to get your top hat refurbished and cared for after extended use. We have partnered with one of the last top hat specialists in London who work with plush silk.

Top Hat Refurbishment

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